Welcome to our collection of resources for learning French online!

We have more than 15 resources and apps for learning French. These resources were created for students and French teachers. Some of these resources will be useful for native French speakers (for example the "Convert to Unicode"). All of these apps and resources will work with most modern browsers.

Our French apps and resources range from very simple apps (such as the "Alphabetize" or "Word Count" apps) to amazing worksheet or wordsearch generators which are all completely customizable. All these resources are super user friendly and offer a large input range. Give them a go!

Alphabetize French Text With this resource you can automatically sort words horizontally, vertically and alphabetically or reverse alphabetically. This resource will keep the same format for your whole document.

French Word Search Creator Create French wordsearches with this worksheet generator with a separate answer key provided for teachers and customizable fonts and sizes.

Convert French Text into Uppercase, Lowercase, and Sentence Case Convert any French text into UPPER CASE, lower case, Or Sentence Case, etc. 

Convert French TXT Files From Uppercase To Lowercase Convert the contents of any French .TXT file into UPPER CASE, lower case, Or Sentence Case, etc. 

Convert French Srt Files From Uppercase To Lowercase Upload your French .SRT subtitle file and convert it to UPPER CASE, lower case, Or Sentence Case, etc.

Count French Characters And Words A perfect app for writers, students and anyone who wants to know the stats of their text. This app counts the words and letters in your text.

French Font As Image Turn any French text into an image for social media or your web signature with this resource. All with a range of fonts, sizes and colors available.

Change French Text Orientation This resource lets you change the orientation of your French text. You can make your text read left-to-right, right-to-left and top-to-bottom.

Convert French Text Into Unicode This resource lets you convert French text to Unicode. This will allow accents such as é, è and ç to be expressed online regardless of whether or not a browser has a French keyboard installed. You can also use this resource to convert Unicode back into French.

French Worksheet Generators

We have a number of worksheet generators for teachers to create fun ways to teach French. These worksheets are all completely customizable and many of them provide optional answer sheets for teachers. These worksheets can be used many different situations to test grammar, vocabulary and comprehension. They can be set as homework, for used to play word games in class.

French Sentence Fill In The Gap  Remove words from French text and sentences for students to fill with the correct answer. Select multiple words you want to remove from the text which will appear in a separate box for students to select.

French Sentences Create Blank Spaces This worksheet allows teachers to create blank spaces in French texts and sentences for students to fill in with their own answers. Select the word you want to leave blank and that word will appear in brackets at the end of the sentence, for example "J'aime jouer à ____ (sport)". This resource is very versatile as there are no fixed answers.

French Words Scramble This is a great resource for testing a French learner's vocabulary and spelling. Enter your words and each individual word will be scrambled. Sentences will remain in the same order but students must unscramble the word and provide the correct spelling.

Jumble Up French Sentences This resource is great for checking a student's knowledge of sentence structure and grammar rules. Write out a sentence and this generator will jumble up the words randomly. You can also choose to keep the French text in sentence case or entirely lower case.

Create French Number Bingo Sheets Turn practicing French numbers into a fun game with these bingo sheets. Both of these bingo worksheets will also promote listening skills. With this worksheet generator you can choose which numbers will appear.  

Create French Random Number Bingo Sheets This worksheet generator works exactly as the previous resource, but here you can choose the range in which you'd like randomized numbers to appear. Whether its un to vingt, or cent to deux mille and beyond.

Learning French can be tricky seem first. With its gendered nouns, conjugated verbs, silent letters and the complicated number system there is a lot for learners of the language of Voltaire and Victor Hugo to master. But whether you're looking to learn or to teach French, we have loads of resources to make sure its never been easier! All completely customizable and compatible with all modern browsers, these resources help teachers and learners of all levels and abilities. Give them a try and see how much fun you can have!


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