Convert digit numbers into French numbers

French numbers can be very difficult to follow so this app makes it easy. When writing numbers in French its easy to "cheat" and use digit (Arabic) numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) instead of writing the numbers out in full (un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq). But if you encounter a written number in French it can be hard to work out, as French numbers use a very different counting system.

French word numbers can be difficult to understand as they are structured differently. For example, ninety seven is quatre-vingt-dix-sept (which translates directly as "four-twenty-ten-seven"). Furthermore, the rules are not the same, because whilst eighty is expressed as "four-twenty" (quatre-vingts), sixty (soixante) is not "three-twentys", but has its own word "soixante". Seventy is "soixante-dix" and so. This may seem odd to learners as it means that French numbers can't necessarily be directly translated.

However, now you can use this converter to turn French word numbers into digit (arabic) numbers and digit numbers into French word numbers quickly and easily!

For example, you can turn quatre-vingt-dix-sept into 97. It's a great way to test a learner's knowledge of French numbers and how they are written. This converter works for huge numbers too!

To use this converter, simply type in the French word number you want to convert into the text box below and hit the 'Convert' button. The converter will do the rest!


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